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Let Others Take the Reins, take a Step Back and Enjoy Your Special Day

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There is a large amount of people who will openly and quite happily tell you that, if they could go through their marriage process again, then they would, purely to make some changes. Even if you are not the type to be over controlling or to get into a fight over what the décor looks like, there is every chance that, you will want to play a big part in the organization of your big day. The trouble is, there is so much to deal with that people either go full on like they’ve just found a new profession or, take a step back and let others deal with the finer details.

Wedding Stress

Most people you speak with will likely tell you that the biggest issue that they had was, getting too involved with the finer details of things like choosing wedding venues in Sydney wedding planning. There is more to think about and to organize than most people realize, until they are in a position to begin preparations for their own, or somebody else’s wedding. Quickly realizing the scale of the task in hand, you would probably want to create a ‘to do’ list and then delegate those tasks to the most suitable people.

Task list

To help you get things under way and to make sure you get all the essentials taken, take note of the word ‘essentials’ this is a very economical list and an example to help you take care of in the right order, here are the things you need to consider;

  • Set your budget, unless you have bottomless pockets
  • Choose your theme and venue, make sure you visit the venue first and get to know the people who would be involved, if you don’t gel, well maybe consider elsewhere
  • Set the date, choose guests and send out he invitations, the invitations can be as formal or, as non-formal as you wish depending upon you theme.
  • Buy the rings and clothes to suit the theme
  • Hire people to take care of the entertainment
  • Plan your honey moon


Bearing in mind that this is just a short list, an in-depth list would send us off the page a couple of times, fortunately there are venues that can help with the majority of these tasks, they can help you work to you budget, personalize invitations, supply all of the staff you need for any of the entertainment you might want and maybe even have some suggestions on honeymoon destinations, making your day stress-free. Make some enquiries and let the magic begin!

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